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Where is the problem of race games?

Yesterday I was playing "Need for Speed". The point is: you can go as fast as you want, but you're not scarred. When you are driving a car, the faster you go, the more scary it is: you're afraid of committing a car accident. But not in computer...


I don't see a problem at all.

of course playing with 4 buttons on the keyboard is rather easy and absolutely not risky but there are also ways to make it more realistic; i play colin mcrae dirt on a big screen with steering wheel and pedals; its still not scary but thats what might make it even better than real driving;

(keep the english blog-posts coming)

Thanks, man ;)
Well, I'm trying to post in English, but I'm not always lucky - some of them are in the Lithuanian language, because I'm posting about the economy, which is Lithuania related...
Well, I'll try my best ;)

i don't use google translate anymore for this blog because most of it didn't make sense :-D

i still watch the blog though for the english ones ;-)

Well, today I'll post one entry ;)