How to open a bank account in the UK?

I have just arrived to the United Kingdom and I wanted to open a bank account here. Well, it's not that easy. You need a passport and a proof of address.
Passport is not a problem (surprise surprise). Although proof of address is a bit of a problem, if you have just arrived to the UK. Proof of address is some sort of legal requirement - banks need to know where you live. As a proof of address the following documents would do:

  • Bank statement (preferably - UK bank). Although wait... You want to open a bank account because you don't have it...
  • Utility bills (for water or electricity).
  • Bill from you local council.

Some banks accept a tenancy agreement, some banks accept a letter from JobCentre Plus. So, it's worth to visit a couple of banks and simply ask what documents they accept.

HSBC UK bank accepts a letter from your employer which must be on official firm's form and should have your name, position, yearly salary, address where you live. And be signed by someone.