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How to set default username for SSH hosts

One day I got tired of entering

ssh mycoolusername@my.awesome.server.com

Because my username is the same on all the servers. So, what I did - I've created a file and added a default username for the servers:

$ cat ~/.ssh/config
CanonicalizeHostname yes
Host *.my.awesome.server.com
    User mycoolusername

So, I can now connect to is.it.really.my.awesome.server.com by using:

ssh is.it.really.my.awesome.server.com


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LOL, this is hilarious. I just noticed my picture on my comment above. Classic “duh” moment! But the problem is, most of the time when I comment on other (small) sites, my pic doesn’t show up. So it must be they don’t support gravatar. Thanks for answering! Things are clarified for me now
After registering, you would observe that your picture would pop up after you add a comment on any platform that supports gravatar.

I have a question about the first mistake (no gravatar): How DO you get your gravatar being used on sites when you comment? I have long puzzled over this.
I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, and thank you for subscribing to my mailing list! Best of luck on your new blogging adventure. What’s your niche, by the way?

I’m just getting ready to make a fresh effort in blogging, so this was perfect timing me for me, and I signed up for your mailing list just now as well.
I’ve heard repeatedly that commenting is dead. So, I am extremely excited to see this post that not only affirms that commenting alive, but gives a nice clear outline on how to do it well!

If it’s “subscribe to my mailing list”, that needs to be your focus. Everything else will distract readers from doing the one thing you want them to do. Same thing with sharing on social media. Same thing with receiving comments. If that’s what we want, we have to eliminate distractions and make commenting as easy as possible.
The truth is most of us should feel fortunate if we can get readers to do ONE thing. So, we have to ask ourselves: “What do I want that one thing to be?”