How to stream video from PC to Smart TV?

There are a couple of options of how to stream video from your PC to your Smart TV. For instance, you can use VLC.

VLC is a great software and works well. But I wanted a universal solution which could enable me to stream video from my PC to my Samsung Smart TV. And I found one!
Take a look at Universal Media Server. It works well, can transcode video from one format to another or simply stream to your Smart TV. 
And, best of all, it's licensed under GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2). In other words - it's free!

Thanks for Julius for showing me this wonderful piece of free software!


Thanks for the info. I'd recommend using ArkMC app to stream all your media from PC to TV or other devices. It works wirelessly, without expensive adapters or cables as well as without any bugs. I use my phone as a remote controller between my PC and a TV. Simple method!