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Permit of residence in Austria + Fast food (aka junk food) sometimes is good

Today I went to Freistadt in order to get a permit of residence. Because I am foreigner and I want to stay in Austria longer than for 3 months I must get permit of residence (in the German language: Anmeldebescheinigung). But that's the same in every country I guess. If you're foreigner and you want to stay in country for longer period of time - you must get such document. Everything was quite simple there. I had to fill in form for that, add photocopy of my passport, letter of acceptance from my university, contract with dormitory, my social insurrance number in Austria, my registration document (saying that I really live in university's dormitory), pay 15 EUR for registration (because I'm citizen of country which is in the EU; otherwise - it costs 150 EUR) and provide certificate from my university, saying that I have enough money for living in Austria (for people under 24 years - at least 386 EUR/month), healthy insurrance documents. After that I was hungry so I and friend of mine from Finland went to McDonald's. So, why fast food is good? It's because you always know what you'll get (unhealty and always same looking food) and with the same taste everywhere ;) So, it's good :D


Where else would you go in a town like Freistadt. You don't see any other restaurants, although there are a lot of good ones. All you're gonna see in Freistadt are lots of car-dealerships, supermarkets, a mcdonalds and some shit inbetween. Very nice blog-entry, see you at 12 o'clock

Yeah, you forgot some gas stations ;D
Thanks, see ya ;)