Studijos KTU

Kaip atskirti, kokio kurso studentas

Kai aš pirmą kartą pradėjau studijuoti, atėjo dekanas į auditoriją ir pasakė visiems "Labas rytas". Kai mes aidu atsakėme atgal, jis atsakė "Ak, jūs pirmakursiai". Jis paaiškino, kai įeini į auditoriją ir sakai „labas rytas“ ir tau atsako "labas rytas“ - tai pirmakursiai (studentų tarpe – „fuksai“). Bet kai jie paslepia savo laikraščius ir atverčia savo knygas, tai jie - antrakursiai (studentiškai – „oberfuksai“). Kai jie žiūri į dėstytoją per laikraščio viršų, tai studentas (trečiakursis).

Short introduction into Slovakian food

I was in Bratislava on 21st May and tried some Slovakian meals. I stayed alive so I can tell what you can eat in Slovakia :) I tried three things:
  • Čepovana kofola. It's like Coca-Cola only different version. It's black drink with boubles and, as for me, it tastes better than Coca-Cola. Atleast - during hot day :]
  • Kapustnica s klobasou. Soup of cabbages. It includes water, cabbages and potatoes. As for me it looked spicy, but it's only my opinion.
  • Bryndzove halašky so slaninou.  It's boiled rolls of flour (as I understood).

Point multiplication in Elliptic Curves

I was browsing the web for information about the binary multiplication (also known as "left-to-right multiplication") in Ellipti curves. I wrote a demonstration of the algorithm. Unfortunately, it's very brief version, but it might be interesting for someone :) This demonstration generates the right point multiplication sequency in binary multiplication of point. First - very short theory. Point multiplication is the operation: Q = k∙P. Point multiplication is the combination of point doubling and point addition.

XNA. Change resolution & set full screen

I am creating a game with the XNA framework and I needed to change the resolution for XNA game. So, that's how it's done: public class MyCoolGame : Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game // Code... // GraphicsDeviceManager graphics = new GraphicsDeviceManager(this); graphics.PreferredBackBufferWidth = Width; graphics.PreferredBackBufferHeight = Height; graphics.ApplyChanges(); Another very useful property is IsFullScreen - boolean variable, which sets game to full screen or not (do not forget to call graphics.ApplyChanges().).