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Howto. Send SMS with JavaME

Here is our second program with JavaME.

Howto. Calculate PI.

I have the Applied Mathematics course in my university.

Sony Ericsson SDK && Eclipse && JAVA

I tried to install Sony Ericsson SDK with my Eclipse IDE. I found awesome tutorial how to do that: http://randomconsultant.blogspot.com/2008/07/creating-j2me-app-with-eclipseme-and.html

Problem with QTableWidgetItem and QTableWidget

I have a small problem with QTableWidget and QTableWidgetItem. I have a QHash<QString, QString> downloadQueue. There is at least one entry inside downloadQueue. The point is, that items inside downloadQueue are not added to the QTableWidget. I don't know  why.
void MDIChildWindow::regenerateTabs() {


int row = 0;

Qt. How to create a contex menu for QTableWidget?

Add a method definition into your .h file:
private slots: void cool_slot();
Add a line in the constructor of the class:
Then click on your QTableWidget component and add a method for your customContextMenuRequested(QPoint pos) event (right click and select Go to slot...):
void MDIChildWindow::on_tableWidgetRemoteSite_customContextMenuRequested(QPoint pos)


C++. How to print non ASCII characters?

We have some additional letters in the Lithuanian language: ą, č, ę, ė, į, š, ų, ū, ž (if you can't see them - change the encoding of your browser into Unicode). The point is, that cout can not print those letters.

How to access "icons" directory of Apache installation?

By default Windows Apache directory looks like that:
2009.09.08  21:31    <DIR>          . 2009.09.08  21:31    <DIR>          .. 2004.11.21  13:50            15.159 ABOUT_APACHE.txt 2009.09.08  21:27    <DIR>          bin 2009.09.08  21:27    <DIR>          cgi-bin 2009.08.06  02:33           102.237 CHANGES.txt 2009.09.08  21:27    <DIR>          conf 2009.09.08  21:27    <DIR>          error 2009.09.08  21:27    <DIR>          htdocs 2009.09.08  21:27    <DIR>          icons 2008.09.18  13:16             4.835 INSTALL.txt 2

BLDMAKE ERROR: ERROR: cpp.exe returned non-zero exit status (1280)

I tried to compile an example from Symbian instaliation with Carbide.C++ and I got a strange error:
BLDMAKE ERROR: ERROR: cpp.exe returned non-zero exit status Build returned with exit value=-1
The solution is: go to the "group" folder of your program and run bldmake bldfiles This solution worked, but I decided to find out, why this problem is caused. The answer: Carbide.C++ must be run with Administrator privilegies. And I was working with Limited account :)

Required software for development

I thought it might be interesting to post something about development for the Symbian OS. So, at start we need some software. We'll need two things: a development environment (IDE) & SDK for Symbian OS. Lets start with IDE. Symbian OS has a wonderful page about development: http://developer.symbian.com/main/index.jsp.

C#. Object -> Dictionary -> Object

I have the fallowing situation. I have an object. I need to make a Dictionary, which contains all the properties (and it's values) of the object. Then send this Dictionary over the network.


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