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java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: javax.servlet.AsyncContext

I updated my project to Spring 4 and got error:

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: javax.servlet.AsyncContext

After some googling I found the problem: AsyncContext was introduced into Servlet API 3.0, but I was using Servlet API 2.5. So, the solution is simple - add the following Maven dependency:

How to load Spring Application context for jUnit from WEB-INF?

I'm using jUnit for writing unit tests for my applications.

It's easy to load applicationContext.xml when it's in classpath:

[geshifilter-java] @RunWith(SpringJUnit4ClassRunner.class) @ContextConfiguration(locations = {"classpath*:applicationContext.xml"}) public abstract class DefaultApplicationContext { // Code [/geshifilter-java]

But how to load application context not from classpath, but from custom directory, for example WEB-INF?

Solution is to use Maven's path:

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