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Do you want to have Google in every new Firefox tab?

Today I wanted that each of Firefox tab I open had a Google page in it. So, when I click Ctrl + T in Firefox - new tab opens with Google. How can we do it?

  • Open new tab in Firefox.
  • Enter: about:config in URL Address Bar.
  • Click on "I'll be careful, I promise!".
  • Search for browser.newtab.url.
  • Change a value of it to anything you want. I picked: https://www.google.lt/?gws_rd=ssl

You're done! :) You have Google in every new tab of Firefox.

World IPv6 Day - Tomorrow

It is announced that IPv6 day will be tomorrow - on June 8th. Main websites like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. will use IPv6 instead of IPv4.

Should you be scarred? No. Like Google says: "The vast majority (99.95%) of people will be able to access services without interruption". So, probably you'll be in those 99.95% :)


Tutorial'as, kaip naudotis Google ;)

Jeigu kas nemokate naudotis Google, yra paruoštas nuostabus straipsnis internete, kuris apibūdina Google naudojimą ;) Pasiskaitykite ir įsitikinkite, ar mokate naudotis Google ;) http://justfuckinggoogleit.com/ Dėkui Vyčiui už gerą nuorodą :D
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