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development for Symbian OS

Symbian SDK and Windows Vista

Last two or three days I've tried to install Symbian SDK && Carbide.c++ (get those from: http://www.symbian.org/) into my laptop with Windows Vista. So, here are some impressions about that:
  1. Leave the default paths. So, install Perl to: C:\Perl, Carbide.c++ to C:\Symbian, and SDK to C:\S60. Because otherwise you might expierence a lot of problems.
  2. Work as administrator while developing the software.

Required software for development

I thought it might be interesting to post something about development for the Symbian OS. So, at start we need some software. We'll need two things: a development environment (IDE) & SDK for Symbian OS. Lets start with IDE. Symbian OS has a wonderful page about development: http://developer.symbian.com/main/index.jsp.
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