n26 review

I posted an article about Revolut vs Monzo. There is one other challenger bank - N26.

Good news is that this month N26 launched its services in the UK and it wants to launch its services in the US in 2019. Impressive.

Strong points:
- Provides German account in euros (and now in British pounds in the UK).
- Nice transparent card. The card looks very nice.
- Gives up to 5 free withdrawals in euros.

How to set default username for SSH hosts

One day I got tired of entering

ssh mycoolusername@my.awesome.server.com

Because my username is the same on all the servers. So, what I did - I've created a file and added a default username for the servers:

$ cat ~/.ssh/config
CanonicalizeHostname yes
Host *.my.awesome.server.com
    User mycoolusername

So, I can now connect to is.it.really.my.awesome.server.com by using:

ssh is.it.really.my.awesome.server.com

Java 9 features

Java 9 has introduced a couple of nice features. Let's try to use them? :)
1) Factory Methods for Immutable List, Set, Map and Map.Entry
You can easily create an immutable List, Set or Map by using a .of() method like this:

List<String> newList = List.of("a", "b", "c");
Set<String> newSet = Set.of("a", "b", "c");
Map<Integer, String> newMap = Map.of(1, "first", 2, "second", 3, "third");

Very convenient, I must say. On previous versions of Java you had to make a loop or use some other library to achieve the same result.

How to open a bank account in the UK?

I have just arrived to the United Kingdom and I wanted to open a bank account here. Well, it's not that easy. You need a passport and a proof of address.
Passport is not a problem (surprise surprise). Although proof of address is a bit of a problem, if you have just arrived to the UK. Proof of address is some sort of legal requirement - banks need to know where you live. As a proof of address the following documents would do:

Apie pensijas ir jų reformą

Šiuo metu visuomenėje vyksta aktyvi diskusija apie pensijų sistemą ir jos (galbūt) būsimą reformą. Pabandykime paskaičiuoti mano 2-os pensijų pakopos uždarbį.

Asmeniniai rezultatai

Aš pensiją kaupiu jau nuo 2011 01 01 (daugiau nei 6-is metus), tad atėjo laikas "suvesti galus" ir išsiaiškinti, kaip sekasi mano pasirinktam 2-os pakopos pensijų fondui. Tai yra vieno iš Lietuvos bankų pensijų fondas, didžiausios akcijų dalies (pats rizikingiausias). Aš prie savo pensijos prisidedu ir pats - nuo mano atlyginimo nuskaičiuojami papildomi 2%.